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Norsk Automatisering as

Location: Markaplassen 88
Phone: +47 915 34 935


Name: Amund Skavhaug
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 91897296

Norsk Automatisering as


Norsk Automatisering as (NAAS) was founded as a public company in August 2009. The main product is various means for Decision support. NAAS has participated in a number of r&d projects, both with private companies and the public sector, while working on its own core technologies.

Currently the main product for the Wind Energy sector is a system for Remote Presence, i.e. remote inspections, maintenance etc through the use of a small robot.

NAAS is partner in the EU project LEANWIND (started in December 2013, with 31 partners and a total budget of 15M €)


Services and Products offered by Norsk Automatisering as

Phase Technology Focus Product/Service Maturity On-/Offshore Comment
Operation and Maintenance Operation & maintenance Consultant and services Prototype / Demo Both
Operation and Maintenance Operation & maintenance Research and development Prototype / Demo Both
Operation and Maintenance
Development, research and education Private Company R&D Services Several Sales Both
Development, research and education