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Energia AS

Location: Porsgrunn
Phone: +47 35 55 93 18
Other Communities Sellihca


Name: Malte S. Rogne
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +47 905 59 152

Energia AS


Energia AS has delivered high-voltage equipment to the Norwegian market since 1993.
Our main products are power transformers, distribution transformers, instrument transformers and disconnectors.
All equipment are from reliable European manufacturers with good references in Norway.
We supply equipment directly to the end-customer or  through contractors as a sub-supplier.

Services and Products offered by Energia AS

Phase Technology Focus Product/Service Maturity On-/Offshore Comment
Substructures, Substations and Cables Transformer Sub supplier/ equipment Several Sales Onshore <p>Distribution transformers and power transformers up to 420 kV and 500 MVA</p>
Substructures, Substations and Cables Onshore substation Sub supplier/ equipment Several Sales Onshore <p>MV/HV Equipment; disconnectors, instrument transformers, insulators and bushings.</p>