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Location: Trondheim
Phone: +47 934 01 002


Name: Grim Gjønnes
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +47 93401002



LINKftr builds software for structural integrity (or fatigue and fracture) assessment in oil, gas, wind power, hydropower, automotive, aerospace, and maritime transport.
We market LINKpfat, a probabilistic fatigue assessment tool with vastly improved predictive capabilities. It lets you use either ‘weakest link’ or ‘random defect’ protocols to predict fatigue endurance (based on weakest-link or fatigue-crack growth modelling, respectively), and designate the design life of components at a specified, low probability of failure. You thus avoid the costly over-engineering / un-informed prudence of traditional deterministic tools.
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Services and Products offered by LINKftr AS

Phase Technology Focus Product/Service Maturity On-/Offshore Comment
Operation and Maintenance Other Software Prototype / Demo Both <p>We deliever LINKpfat, probabilistic fatigue assessment software.  It allows you to accurately assess inspection needs, repair vs. replace, and in general risk of fatigue failure vs. operational envelope.</p>