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Windsea AS

Location: Sandvika, Akershus


Name: Anders Tørud
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +4793287107

Windsea AS


WindSea AS is a Norwegian company developing fixed and floating foundations for offshore wind turbines. WindSea is owned with 50/50 ownership of the Norwegian engineering and fabrication companies NLI AS and FORCE Technology Norway AS. Togheter these industry groups has an annual turnover of about 350 mill Eur with about 2000 employees.

Windsea has two defined products, a fixed jacket for intermediate water depths of 20-50 meters and a floating semi-submersible foundation for water depths from 45 meters and deeper.


Thejacket is based on traditional jacket technology but with several novel features. The jacket can be fabricated, transported and installed in modules. This siginficantly reduces teh weight of each individual module, and this makes is possible for smaller vessels to perform installation. Also,the smaller modules can be fabricated by less specialised fabrication yards, and modules can be standardised to a much greater extent then what is the case with current jacket design.


The floating Semi submersible platform is designed for installation of three offshore turbines per platform.

The plattform can be 100% completed at a yard, including installation of the turbines. The three turbines per platform ensures a high energy production per platform.

Services and Products offered by Windsea AS

Phase Technology Focus Product/Service Maturity On-/Offshore Comment
Substructures, Substations and Cables Steel jacket structure Engineering Concept Offshore <p>Modular jacket design</p>
Substructures, Substations and Cables Floater foundation Engineering Concept Offshore <p>Floating semi-submersible with three turbines</p>