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Hexagon Devold AS

Location: Langevåg
Phone: 70 19 85 00


Name: Kåre Dybvik
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 70 19 85 19

Hexagon Devold AS


Hexagon Devold – is a leading manufacturer and supplier of multiaxial stitched fibre reinforcements to the composites industry

Originating out of traditional textile knitwear the company was founded as early as 1853, and Hexagon Devold has evolved to be one of the leading suppliers of multiaxial stitched fiber reinforcements. In the late 1980’s the company diversified into stitched multiaxial fiberglass reinforcements and was later launched as a separate entity in 1992, known as Devold AMT. From 2000 the company has been an entirely owned subsidiary of Hexagon Composites ASA, and in March 2013 the company changed name to Hexagon Devold AS.

Hexagon Devold’s headquarter is located in Langevåg, Norway. The company has manufacturing facilities in Lithuania and in the USA. Hexagon Devold possesses state of the art manufacturing technology which is employed to supply a complete range of unidirectional and multiaxial stitched reinforcements. Over recent years the company has participated in numerous research and development projects with costumers and institutes to innovate reinforcements and manufacturing processes.

As a company, Hexagon Devold is determined to provide cost effective solutions for our customers.

Hexagon Devold – Your Global Supplier of Multiaxial Stitched Fibre Reinforcements

Since its initial launch Hexagon Devold has expanded its markets by diversifying into new segments such as wind energy, transportation, construction, automotive, aerospace, leisure and commercial craft industries. Hexagon Devold supplies a wide range of fiber reinforcements to the composites market, including Carbon fibre, E-glass, High Modulus glass and Hybrid reinforcements.

Wind energy is by far the largest market segment for Hexagon Devold. The company supplies stitched fiber reinforcement fabrics worldwide to the leading Wind Turbine Blade manufacturers using fiber from all major suppliers.

Hexagon Devold Non Crimp Fabric (NCF) reinforcements are produced using multiaxial weft technology, allowing us to produce single and multiaxial reinforcement products that can be precisely tailored to our customer’s applications. By the careful selection of fiber types, layer construction and stitching parameters, we can engineer fabrics that meet challenging processes and performance requirements.

Our manufacturing locations in the Unites States and Lithuania are equipped with state of the art production equipment. Advanced manufacturing technology and intelligent quality control solutions, allows us to produce the best performing products at the highest quality levels. Centralized product database, technology management as well as quality control systems, guaranteeing that our products can be produced and delivered according to the same standards and quality globally.

Services and Products offered by Hexagon Devold AS

Phase Technology Focus Product/Service Maturity On-/Offshore Comment
Turbine Blades Sub supplier/ equipment Several Sales Both <p>Fiber reinforcements for the blades</p>